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Linda Engelman, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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Affairs and Infidelity

  • Crisis counseling after the early stages of affair discovery
  • Helping the betrayed partner have a safe space to tell his/her story, while the betraying partner listens
  • Helping the betrayed partner to manage the initial feelings of shock, anger, fear, vulnerability, loneliness
  • Helping the betraying partner to manage the initial feelings of overwhelm, shame, panic, anxiety
  • Understanding the process of recovery, what to expect, how to cope
  • Understanding the how/why the affair happened
  • Gaining clarity on the steps that are necessary to build trust and safety again
  • ....and more.

"The first and foremost instinct of humans is neither sex nor aggression. It is to connect."
~Dr. Sue Johnson, Developer of Emotionally Focused Therapy


Emotionally Focused Therapy is backed empirically -- more than two decades of scientific research showing that over 90% of couples improve their level of satisfaction in the relationship after completing therapy with an EFT trained therapist. Between 70 to 73% of couples recover on standard measures of marital distress and the relapse rate is very low.

This is not your ordinary couples therapy. EFT provides a clear framework and map for repairing relationships. It stems from the premise that we are all hard-wired for attachment. When we lose connection and can no longer turn to our partner for nurturing and soothing, we often experience high levels of distress, leading us to either withdraw (shut down) or demand/escalate/fight/act out. These behaviors further fuel the distress causing couples to spiral into relationship trauma.

EFT offers a way out.

Whether you come for individual sessions, or as a couple, you will learn how to resolve the pain and hurt; have emotional interactions with your partner that serve as corrective bonding experiences; and break the repetitive patterns that block intimacy and safe, secure connection.

Affairs & Infidelity: Some Reading to Get Started...

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